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 National Museum of Medieval Arts - Korce

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National Museum of Medieval Arts - Korce Empty
MesazhTitulli: National Museum of Medieval Arts - Korce   National Museum of Medieval Arts - Korce Icon_minitime26/9/2010, 15:57

National Museum of Medieval Arts - Korce

Tel. 08243022
Visiting hours: 9같-13같 dhe 15같-18같(***).
Holiday: Monday.
From May to September, visiting hours are: 8.00-13.00; 16.00 19.00
National Museum of Medieval Arts - Korce N_M_Medieval_art_big

National Museum of Medieval Art in Korca was inagurated on 224 april 1980. it is one of the most important museum centers in Albania. Its fund includes over 7 thousand art and cult items, mainly icons an less stone, wooden, metal and textile works of anonymous and well known artists from different areas of the country.

National Museum of Medieval Arts - Korce N_M_Medieval_art1_big

A collection of best icons and objects created in centuries representing variuos moments in Albania iconography development and its main representatives are displayed in the prinicipal hall. Here are works of anonymous artists of the 13-14 th century and other well known ones like Onufri, Onufer Qiprioti, Teacher Kostandini, Jeromak Shpataraku, Selenica, Zografi Brothers, etc

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National Museum of Medieval Arts - Korce
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